Yellow Lab Tools can now be automated!

I’m very happy to present this new version! Many changes, but not many of them will be visible on the online service because it’s a big code refactor. It transforms the initial Proof of Concept architecture into a more durable one and it adds possibilities for developers (you!) to automate the tool.

Yellow Lab Tools can now be used:

The online service also includes new features:

  • The front-end is now a real Single Page Application, you can go back and forward with your browser buttons.
  • A global score is calculated from all the rules. This is great!
  • The Grades page was renamed Dashboard is now the default result page.
  • Every rule now has a color-bullet grade on the Dashboard.
  • The dashboard displays 1, 2 or 3 warning icons on a rule if there is a real problem.
  • Clicking on the rule directs you to a page that describes the rule and shows the offenders.

And Phantomas was upgraded to v1.8, bringing new features:

  • New rule: DOM queries without result.
  • New Small requests category, reporting small JS, CSS or image files that could be inlined, concatenated, sprited…
  • Embedded <style> are now analyzed by css-analyze.